• Increase your revenues from
    sale on the Internet

    Surprise your customer! Innovative tool to support sale
    on the Internet. Mutual work on the website, new way
    of product presentation, videocommunication.

  • Educational publishers in new edition
    The crack on the school texbooks market induces publishers to improve efficiency – in large amount through computer science. The most automatic areas are customer service and sales.
  • Communication without barriers
    A breakthrough in service of hearing-impaired customer. Together with Migam.pl we have created „Sign language on-line translator”.
  • Course for knowledge
    Knowledge builds quality, quality builds trust. Check agents’ knowledge with Mechanism of Knowledge Tests. Others already do it!
  • Altar Smart IVR
    It’s here! Visual IVR – for smartphone and portable devices users. Download the test version!
  • Altar Co-Surfing
    Find out, why the new role of agent-interactive guide on website changes quality of service.
  • WSiP has chosen Altar Contact Center
    The publisher, as the first company in Poland, will also use unique application Altar Co-Surfing. How will it influence quality of service?
  • Implementation in Romania
    Altar Contact Center was implemented in Romanian department of call center
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  • Jun
    (Polski) Realizujemy projekt innowacyjnej platformy
    call [...]
  • Oct
    system call center
    (Polski) Wonga wybrała Altar Contact Center
  • Oct
    shutterstock_130609856 (2)
    (Polski) EOD potrzebny od zaraz
  • Altar Co-Surfing
    Find out, why the new role of agent-interactive guide on website changes quality of service
  • Altar Smart IVR
    is a new, self-service, fast access channel to information, services and call/contact center agents


Telbridge Sp. z o.o.

Thanks to the implementation of Altar Contact Center our market offer is more profitable pricewise and more attractive function-wise, because the deliverer adapted product to our individual needs. The system allows for simultaneous work of several hundred agents in a dispersed work environment, which service several dozen different clients. Altar Contact Center distinguishes itself by optimal factor price to quality.

The realization of project by Altar Sp. Z o.o. proceeded on all stages punctually, without restrictions and was accomplished according to our requirements. Telbridge Sp. z o.o. confirms reliability of Altar as a business partner, whereas platform Altar Contact Center considers as worth recommending.

Jacek Mucha, President of Telbridge Sp. z o.o.

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Altar Sp. z o.o. is a supplier of copyright IT systems and modern solutions for companies, adapted to their various needs, branch specifics, in which they work, as well as size.

We specialize in IT and teleinformatic projects connected with professional service of the mass client. Our offer form:

  • Call/Contact Center systems
  • Billing systems
  • Business Process Management systems

We direct our offer mainly do telecommunication operators, suppliers of various kinds of mass services, companies operating in sectors: banking, finance, insurance, as well as subjects engaged in outsourcing of call center services.

Różana street 5, 25-729 Kielce
tel. +48 41 368 35 65, fax +48 41 366 30 18
e-mail: info@altar.com.pl